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Membership Discount Program

For our high frequency renters we offer two paid, tiered memberships that offer deep discounts. The more you rent the more you save!

Quick Details

Membership Tiers


For moderate boaters who spend 6+ days on the water each year

  • Rental Discount: 35%


For boating enthusiasts who spend 12+ days on the water each year

  • Rental Discount: 55%
  • Reduced Cancellation Period (day prior to rental)

Purchasing a Membership

  1. When you purchase your membership you are encouraged to bookmark the page with your member ID. Your member ID will also be linked in every future booking confirmation and we can always send you a confirmation email again if you misplace it.
  2. When booking a rental you will input your membership ID by selecting “Are you a member?” to apply your discount.
  3. During checkout, you will have to verify your email by entering the same email you used with your membership.
  4. Note: Credit card information and contact information are not stored for security purposes.
  5. Once you have finished booking using your membership benefits the confirmation will show your discount.

Renewing a membership

There are two ways to renew a membership: you can rebook the same membership type on your own or we can renew your membership for you.

If you decide to renew your memberships on your own, you can do so by booking the same type of membership again and entering your membership ID during the booking process. Our booking system will recognize the renewal and ensure your renewed membership date range does not begin before your existing membership expires.

Please call us at 941-735-8385 if you have any questions about our membership program or your specific membership plan.