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Captain Services

Contact Capt Josh for availability: 941-735-8385

Capt Josh

Captain Josh’s life is the water. Growing up as a captain’s son, the call of the sea took firm hold before his memory began. As a working professional on boats for over ten years, he obtained his captain license in 2020 and prides himself on the ability to engage with a variety of clientele. To Josh, it’s a privilege to share his knowledge, show people a great time, and help them explore all his home waters have to offer. His goal is for you to leave having a fantastic day, with a memorable mark on your mind why you’d love to return.

Why choose a captained tour?

Experience. If you have little experience with driving a boat, a captained tour is a great investment to maximize your fun on the water. A thousand man-hours equate to a value you can’t quantify. A captain’s mindset of what must be accomplished is so ingrained, whether it’s taking a client to a sweet fishing spot or handling the unlikely emergency.

Captain Rates

Weekdays: $65/hour + tip

Weekends and holidays: $100/hour  + tip