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Customer Reward Program

Sign up for our free customer reward program and save

Sign up for our free digital punch card and collect 1 stamp during check-in for your rental. After 3 stamps, you can redeem your reward for a 15% discount code, valid for 1 use on a future rental. Your punch card never expires and will keep collecting stamps regardless whether or not you redeem your reward after 3 stamps.

Step 1: Sign up for our digital punch card (provided by Loopy Loyalty) here: Customer Reward Sign Up

Step 2: Fill in your details, submit, and tap ‘Add’ to save your digital punch card to an Apple or Google Wallet.

Step 3: Show us your digital punch card during check-in and we’ll stamp your card.

Step 4: When you complete a card it will automatically return to zero, while listing the reward(s) collected.

Step 5: When you earn a third stamp, show us at the dock during check-in. We’ll send you a discount code (one-time use) for 15% off a future rental.

To streamline the process, when you arrive at the marina, a reminder will appear on your phone to show us your card. Also, if you lose your discount code, we can look up unredeemed rewards in our system.